This all started when I wondered what the Mastodon migration process between accounts was like, and ended with me moving my mastodon over to a new handle, and my website over to a new domain

I remember maybe two or three years into Twitter trying to change my handle over to be my name, and it was already taken. It always irked me that I couldn’t just use my name, but it wasn’t to be. Now with the birdshite being a husk of what it was, and Mastodon being my primary means to engage with people in the industry, I thought this might be the opportunity to just use my actual unique ID (my name) everywhere, including for my website. Anyone who was following me on the old domain’s RSS - sorry! I didn’t realise when I made the migration that the RSS would ping every article like it was new again. Good thing I follow myself on RSS (just to check the feed works - I promise!) and at least noticed that that wasn’t the best.

So anyway - you’ll find new content on these two new links, but with the wonder of Mastodon all my followers have automagically been pulled over to my new handle.