New Year Cleanup

As a new year starts I generally have some long awaited cleanup to do on my C/C++ single header libraries. Maybe I need to update the CI scripts because they are out of date, maybe I have some features I want to add, or maybe I want to test more things. For those that do not know I have six main libraries that I maintain that are single header and work across C/C++:

I’m Pretty Much Done With Twitter

TL;DR - I’m pretty much done with Twitter (here-in named the “birdshite” 🦤💩). Let’s be honest - Twitter wasn’t exactly ideal for a pretty long time. The sheer amount of ads that were pushed into the feed even long before Space Karen bought the birdshite wasn’t great. I had already blocked thousands of accounts that were pushing promoted tweets into my feed, and had to fight the UI that would constantly try and move me back to the never-ending algorithmic feed that all these advert-centric businesses so love as it eeks out some percentage more time where you eyeballs are glued to their content.

I’ve Joined Epic to Work on Verse

After four relaxing weeks off since I left Unity, I’m pleased to announce I’ve joined the Verse team over at Epic. Today was my first day, so obviously this is the day that I feel the most like an impostor! I’ve done this a few times now (jumping contract to contract when I worked at Codeplay, and then moving to AMD, Unity, and now Epic), and the feeling always passes once you become familiar with the way things are done at the new gig.

Floating Point Compression Revisited

In a previous post I looked at floating-point compression, and it generated quite a lot of interest on Twitter, with lots of people suggesting things. So I haven’t tried them all (only the first few that people suggested), but I thought I’d present the results I did try. First, the chart! There was three different approaches that I looked at with this chart. zfp One thing that was suggested was zfp which claims to compress floating-points really well.

I’m Leaving Unity

After three years of work at Unity I’m leaving the company, today being my last day. I’m immensely proud of the work I did to make Burst and HPC# so powerful for our users both within and outwith Unity, and to have worked with some really great people along the way. I fulfilled a lifelong ambition to work closely with some heroes of mine like Andreas Fredriksson, Daniel Collin, Cort Stratton, and many others, and I met some truly amazing people at Unity who I didn’t previously know (Lee Hammerton, Sebastian Schöner, Alex Thibodeau, Tim Jones, Alexandre Mutel, among many others).